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Recent Pest and Building Inspections Southern Sydney

Building inspections Southern Sydney

The photo above is 6 million dollar home that had minor issues. The owners were diligent enough to know that their investment needs protecting and a pest inspection on an annual basis is a good investment.

termite damage to residential homes

This photo shows termite damage from a recently inspected home despite given the all clear from a recent inspection by another inspector. The damage was noted to the subfloor bearers (timber framing elements) and cost $42,000 in repairs. As you can imagine, that's a huge amount of money to have to come up with unexpectedly.

I can't stress enough how important it is to have a thorough building and pest inspection prior to purchasing a house by a qualified inspector. Yes, it it adds to the cost of the purchase but around $1,000 v $42,000 speaks for itself. Again, I will stress how important it is to watch for signs of termite damage yourself, and if there is any indication that these destructive pests are around your home, get a pest inspector in to report on it before substantial damage occurs.

calcium leaching through brickwork

In this photo you can see calcium leaching that was incorrectly diagnosed as rising damp from a garden bed (that was never installed). The leaching was eventually traced to the bathroom having a failed water proofing membrane.

pre-purchase building inspections southern Sydney

The photo above shows how a home owner decided to do his own renovation. This is another story altogether and goes to show that if you are not qualified don't try to renovate your own home as in the end it can cause you a lot of money. I easily located some defects/damage here as well as attempts to try and keep the damage concealed.

For the untrained eye, damage like this is not easily recognised and that's why I can't stress enough to get a building inspection by a qualified inspector prior to purchasing a home.

Please contact Josh for building and pest inspections in Southern Sydney on 0400 292 226.

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