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Stop Termites Entering Your Property

Stop Termites Entering Your Property

Preventing termites entering your property is something every homeowner should be concerned about. Understanding how termites enter a property will help you to avoid an infestation that could cost you thousands of dollars to repair.

Step One: Don't feed them or make them comfortable!

Termites need food such as wood and they also need warmth and moisture. Therefore never leave building materials such as wood in and around the home especially under the house or in roof space.

Step Two: Keep moisture away

If you property has insufficient grading resulting in puddles forming near the foundation then you would be best to rectify this as soon as possible. Also check run off from air-conditioners and hot water systems. Remember, termites need moisture to survive so don't provide them with any.

Step Three: Have regular inspections by a termite specialist

Having regular termite inspections by a qualified termite specialist will give you peace of mind because the inspector will identify any warning signs that termites are taking up residence in your home. Termites don't need much space to get through gaps and your inspector will advise of any potential entry spots that need rectifying. Subterranean termite colonies usually enter homes at ground level but they are innovative creatures and can also build mud tubes to enter homes above ground level.

Other areas where termites might invite themselves into your home are door frames, wooden decks and steps. They are also known to enter through cracks in brickwork and foundations.

Your termite expert will identify any trouble spots and recommend soil or wood treatments if needed.

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