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Architecturally designed just 2.5 years old found with active termites

Many people are under the impression that having a brand new home will not have a termite problem. Unfortunately this is a huge misconception as I recently found active termites in a $2m master-built, architecturally designed home that is only 2.5 years old. The photos in this post shows the active termites and damage.

On my inspection, active termites were located due to breaches in the termite barrier that were overlooked due to the complexity of construction.

To fix the problem the owners will need to rectify the site drainage to comply with AS 2870, they will need to have an invasive inspection conducted to determine the extent of the termite damage which can only be done once a termite treatment has occurred, and finally, a suitable and compliant termite prevention put in place.

This is a classic example of needing an independent building inspection done by a professional who is an expert in new construction.

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