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Home Purchaser Beware

Pre-purchase building inspections southern sydney

You have just found your perfect new home and can't wait to put down the deposit and move in. The house is clean, the garden is beautiful and nothing appears out of place. Even if the house had been recently painted or had modifications, hiding behind the walls, under the floor or in the roof could possibly be a hidden problem. And as much as we wish people were honest, how do you know that a newly painted wall is not an effort to hide termite damage?

This is why when purchasing a house a pre-purchase and pest inspection is critical. Building and pest inspectors have the equipment to seek out any hidden problems.

The most common issues we find are:


Leaks are easy to conceal from an unexpected purchaser. When making your initial inspection of your new home take note of leaking taps, toilets and air conditioners. Also, take note if you observe damp areas, walls and water pooling near the house outside. If you notice anything that looks a bit suspicious employ a building inspector to produce a professional assessment.

Structure and foundation issues

Structural damage is costly. When you are looking at the house, check out everything, especially if the vendor is blocking access to certain areas. Non Compliant and previous renovations Cheap renovations done by either the home owner or unlicensed trades is costly to rectify

Faulty appliances

When you are initially inspecting the property, examine the appliances and ask the agent to show you they function properly. The air conditioner on the wall may blow cool air but does it work with heating? It could have a faulty motor.

For a professional building or pest inspection please contact Josh 0400 292 226

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