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How to Control Mosquitoes in Sydney

How to control mosquitoes in Sydney

Mosquitoes are an annoying and dangerous pest that are especially active in Sydney in summer. These irritating little pests not only sting and cause painful welts, they can also spread disease. It’s the adult female that causes most of the strife as she relies on blood to produce her eggs. Mosquitoes are blood-sucking pest with length about 3-6mm and are quick and sneaky.

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water and hide out in trees and vegetation. Wherever there is water, mosquitoes will breed, even if it’s the draining trays that you are using for your pot plants.

If your mozzie problem is really bad you may want to consider hiring a professional pest controller to help eradicate the problem. A pest controller will inspect the site and offer you sound advice on preventing mosquitoes from breeding around your property.

  • Dispose of any container in the breeding season that can be a paradise for mozzies including puddles, bird baths and pot plant trays. If you have a pond with fish then you won’t have a problem because the fish will eat the larvae.

  • Light Citronella candles around your doors and outside eating areas. You can also burn incense outside and inside the home, this won’t kill the insects but it is a deterrent.

  • There are electronic devices that you plug into a socket available to buy from the supermarket that can help prevent mosquitoes entering the home.

  • Basil, lavender, and catnip are all are all plants that mosquitoes don’t like so adding these varieties to your garden could also help prevent mosquitoes hanging around.

How to prevent mosquito bites with lavender

  • Inspect repellent is a good start, however it’s not great adding all those chemicals to your skin frequently. You can try some natural remedies that are made of certain oils like Eucalyptus and citronella, or try crushing lemon balm and applying to the skin for a natural repellent.

  • If possible install mosquito nets over beds.

  • If you must go outdoors at dusk and dawn wear long loose fitting garments. Believe it or not, mozzies prefer dark colours than lighter ones so consider the colours you wear.

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