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Professionalism Vs Profit when Choosing a Building Inspector

how to choose a building and pest inspector

Who do rely on to refer a building inspector?
  • Your real estate agent?

  • Your conveyancer?

  • Or do you obtain your own independent professional?

Let’s look at some facts!

80% of building inspectors are not licensed builders and have no training in the building industry, let alone any qualifications! Many of them provide cheaper inspections which are usually non-compliant to the moist basic requirements of the Australian Standards. This can result in problems such as termites usually arising some years later costing thousands of dollars in repairs to the purchaser of the property.

Your real estate agent has a vested invest in the property being sold and will likely refer an inspector that will write a favourable report for the sale. As a property buyer you need to be vigilant with these types of referrals. You would be much wiser to do your research and find and independent building inspector.

Your conveyancer is usually referred by an agent. This could also have a conflict of interest because if the inspector that is referred by your conveyancer points out too many issues, the agent will no longer refer them. Again, do your research and hire your own conveyancer.

This is why any homeowner should complete their own due diligence and obtain a completely independent, qualified and insured professional with a proven track record!

If you are spending nearly half a million dollars or more in purchasing a property why would you skimp on the most important part of the purchase; the pest and building inspection? For a few hundred dollars more it is worth contracting a licensed pest and building inspector who has been trained in the industry and has the qualifications to prove it.

When choosing a pest or building inspector consider the following:
  • References from past clients

  • Ask to see their CV

  • Ask to see their qualifications

  • Check that they are insured

  • Search the internet on the inspector, especially Google reviews

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