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How to Stop Cockroaches in the Home

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Here's my first tip!

Prevention is easier than getting rid of them in the home without the help of a professional pest inspector.

It all comes down to proper sanitation in both homes and businesses. Even if just a small cleaning step is missed this could be an open door to the 'party of all parties' for cockroaches.

So how clean is clean?

It boils down to this; cockroaches invite themselves inside for food! So don't leave them any temptation and do the following:

  • Empty food cupboards them out because crumbs and food spills inside kitchen cabinets are an open invitation for cockroaches.

  • Clean your kitchen appliances because built up grease and food spills under, behind and near your appliances are a cockroach luxury! This includes cleaning the fridge, dishwasher, toaster, oven, microwave and underneath the kitchen sink.

  • Limit eating food to the dining room and kitchen. No more eating in the lounge or bedrooms because crumbs and spills will attract cockroaches and invite them into all the rooms in the house.

  • Disinfect the kitchen bench each night.

  • Empty the kitchen bin at night or make sure it is 'roachproof'.

  • Store food in sealed containers and don't leave food in opened cardboard packaging.

  • Vacuum the kitchen floor each evening because cockroaches are party animals and love to scurry around your house at nighttime when you are asleep! So don't leave them anything to eat.

  • Vacuum the rest of the house at least every few days. And as gross as this sounds doing this helps to eliminate cockroach droppings, skins, body parts, and egg sacs, all of which contain pheromones that attract other roaches to the same areas.

Cockroach hiding places

Cockroaches are sneaky little blighters preferring a tight crevice, or a dark wall void to keep hiding during the day. To disrupt this cockroach practice you need to seal cracks and crevices. Also seal off holes surrounding pipes or other light and wall fixtures with a material such as copper mesh. Check of all windows and doors to make sure the flyscreens are tightly fitted and there are no gaps to let them in, and remember, cockroaches can squeeze through tiny spaces. Spray with a long-lasting insecticide along doors and windows and bathrooms drains to help prevent cockroaches entering the house.

If the problem becomes serious call a pest inspector to eliminate these dirty critters.

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