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Beware of using your Real Estate Agent's recommended inspector

Pest inspections when buying a new home

Purchasing a new home is a daunting task and it can be fraught with risks if your new home has undiscovered faults or pest problems such as termites. I recently had a home to inspect and when I turned up the Real Estate agent wasn't there. Apart from the time and expense it cost me travelling to the home, this caused me to have warning bells for the new vendors. As it turns out I was denied access again by this agent who told me that he had organised a pest inspection himself to give to any potential vendors at the bargain price of just $100!

There's a few things wrong with this scenario:

  • No worthwhile inspector should be offering their services at this price. If they are they are not doing a thorough job.

  • First time home buyers may not even be aware how important a building and pest inspection from a certified inspector is. There are plenty of cowboys in this industry not adhering to best practices.

  • The Real Estate Agent has only one thing in mind; their commission and the last thing they want to discover are faults or pests within the dwelling or grounds. Therefore it is crucial that buyers obtain an independent report by sourcing an inspector through referrals and research.

Whatever you do when buying a new home be aware that hidden faults can cost you dearly. Termite damage can cause major financial problems.
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