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Ideas for an Urban Garden

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Inner city living doesn't mean you can't have some sort of garden or outdoor area. Here's some ideas for an urban garden that you can implement to green up even tiny spaces.


A simple structure like the one above can be made out of timber (make sure it's treated for termites) or you can purchase a wide range of vertical gardens that can be mounted to the wall or are free-standing from your local nursery centre or hardware store such as Bunnings. Searching online will bring up many results for a wall gardens. The easiest way is to plant in long containers and place them into the garden.

Use good quality soil, and ensure there adequate draining. These gardens are great for growing herbs, lettuce and small flowers such as marigolds as well as hanging plants such as vines.


Gabions are moulded mesh or wire filled with stones. As you can see from this post from Harja Fresh there are many ways to use Gabions to decorate both large and small spaces.The ideas for creating eye catching garden features using Gabions are endless including using different shades of stones in a pattern or beautiful coloured stones. Place a potted plant inside the structure for easy maintenance.

When placing pot plants on balconies or near the house ensure that no leakage can seep inside causing rising damp or mould.

Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven

If you dream of having your own pizza oven outdoors but don't have the space then consider investing in something like the Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven that makes pizza's in no time. As well as being compact it's extremely stylish.


You can create an oasis by simply using a few pots, plants and the right outdoor furniture. Try and cluster the pots, making sure the sizes and shapes work nicely together and are cohesive use hardy and striking plants. Uniformity with pots can help create the illusion of more space.


If there is no space outdoors then you can also create beautiful green spaces indoors. One idea it to use orchids. Many people grow a range of herbs and small vegetables such as lettuce in posts. As long as you have a some sunlight, indoor gardening is very rewarding. For homes that have little light try growing plants with artificial lighting.

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