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Expert witness reports Termite. Building  and pest Inspections. Termite Inspections.

We can inspect immediately and email your inspection report to you directly. The first independently certified inspector in NSW.

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Licensed Building Inspectors


Southern Independent Building Inspections are licensed and trained building and pest inspectors. Our inspectors have extensive experience, are highly qualified and fully covered by professional indemnity insurance.

Josh Brook is Australia's only certified Master Inspector.


Property Inspection Reports


We offer comprehensive pre-purchase property and visual pest inspections, as well as specialist asbestos and mould inspections. We also offer comprehensive advice on repairs and maintenance.


Comprehensive Reports


We provide comprehensive property inspection reports, prepared by our qualified building inspectors, that help you make an informed decision about one of the most important investments you and your family will make. We offer the most comprehensive reports currently available that not meet but exceed AS 4349.1, and AS 4349.0. Your inspection is completed by the most highly trained inspectors available.


Licensed and Insured


Our inspectors have extensive experience, are highly qualified and fully covered by professional indemnity insurance. This means you can be sure you are dealing with reputable inspectors who have a proven track record in their industry.


New laws for properties with swimming pools and spa pools

The Office of Local Government (OLG) is responsible for the Swimming Pools Amendment Act 2012. If you have any questions about the information provided below, please contact your local council.



From 29 April 2016 all properties in NSW with a swimming pool or spa pool cannot be sold or leased without a valid certificate of compliance or relevant occupation certificate. Local councils and accredited private certifiers can provide information on how to obtain a certificate.


Q1. What is the pool Compliance Certificate?

A swimming pool compliance certificate is a certificate that states your swimming pool or external spa is safe and compliant to the applicable Australian standards.


Q2. How do I get a Pool Compliance Certificate?

Contact a private certifier to have your compliance certificate issued.


Q3. What Pool Types are included?

All swimming pools both internal and external are included (including swim spas and external spas)


Q4. Can I see if my swimming pool already has a compliance Certificate?

Yes you have a private certifier check if your swimming pool is registered or contact local council


Q5. How long does the Pool Compliance Certificate Last?

A swimming pool compliance certificate lasts for no longer than 3 years from the date of issue.


Q6. Who Can Do Pool Compliance Checks?

Only a private certifier or local council can do a swimming compliance.

We are E1 Certifiers for Residential Swimming Pool Compliance. This means we are qualified to inspect swimming pool and spa pool barriers and issue certificates of compliance, and lodge with local government, under the Swimming Pools Act 1992. AS1926.1-1986, AS1926.1-2007 & AS1926.1-2012. This certificate must be available in order for a property to be leased or sold.



We service all of Sydney and its surrounding regions
Phone: 0400 292 226

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