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How to maintain your air conditioner

Like any appliance, air conditioners require some maintenance to keep functioning effectively.


Look at the instruction manual

The instruction manual should outline how to maintain your particular unit. If you don't have the booklet search the internet to see if you can download it for your model.

Have the wiring checked

This is a job probably suited more to a professional rather than do it yourself who can check for wiring problems such as blackened wires, the connections are fitted correctly and signs of overheating.

Clean the air filter

This is something that is often overlooked. Just like any filter, regular cleaning is essential to keep the unit functioning properly. Depending on how often you use your air conditioner, the filters might need cleaning every 3-4 weeks. The filters are usually seen when you move the plastic cover off the unit. Clean them with a hand held vacuum or if they are particularly dirty gently wash them in mild detergent or consider purchasing replacements.

Clean the louvres

You should keep them dusted regularly and if needed vacuum them with a soft brush. A microfibre cloth should do the job well.

Clean the outside unit

Check for debris in the unit such as twigs, leaves and spiderwebs. Use a vacuum and cloth the clean the unit.

If in doubt call a professional air conditioning maintenance service.

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